Learn about bias & discrimination against the Asian and Pacific Islander community

Because bias is so ingrained in how we live our lives, it can be hard to know when our behavior causes harm. Learn about how bias and discrimination affects API communities today.
Multi-racial group of female friends talking

The question every Asian American hates to be asked: 'Where are you from?'

Many Asian Americans are regularly asked where they're from. Learn why this type of question can be seen as an expression of racism and bias.
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Two dads reading a story to their daughter in bed

Asian and Pacific Islander stories

Reading stories and watching media is a great way to learn new perspectives. Use the resources below to learn more through storytelling.

Inequities in health for the API community

Bias and discrimination can have a major affect on health and well being. Learn how these factors negatively impact API communities.
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Asian woman speaking in the middle of Stop Asian Hate protest

Questions to self reflect