Learn how bias and inclusion impact:

Every day, we have an opportunity to create a more just, equitable, and inclusive society. Check out the resources below to learn about the many ways we can support and include the older community.

Stereotypes based on age

Learn how stereotypes develop over the course of our lifetime and how we can unlearn making assumptions about individuals based on their age.
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Challenge ageism in society

By changing how we each view older adults, we can improve in how society views, acts, and reacts towards older individuals.
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Take time to self reflect

Do you ever catch yourself or others engaging in these types of subtle behaviors? The small things we say and do can impact older adults' self-esteem and - on a large scale - the opportunities that are available to them.
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Ageism in the workplace

Learn about common obstacles that older people face at work.
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Ageism in sports

Did you know that athletes often experience ageism far earlier than your average work employee? Ageism in sports has less to do with ability and physical appearance and more to do with actual age.
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The World Health Organization's (WHO) global report on ageism

Read the executive summary from the WHO about the scale and impact of ageism, and learn different strategies and actions you can take to counter it.
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Learn about the older community

Get to know the older community by understanding the diversity and intersectionality of older adults and reading their stories.
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