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Every day, we have an opportunity to create a more just, equitable and inclusive society. Check out the resources below to learn about the many ways we can support and include the older community.

2021 WHO global report on ageism

Check out the WHO's global report to find out what steps you can take to create a less ageist world.
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How to raise awareness around ageism

This article offers actions you can take to talk to people about ageism. You'll learn how to strike up a conversation, conduct outreach, and speak out.
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How to talk about ageism with others

Dialogue is a powerful way to raise awareness about issues that matter to us. Use this resource to help start conversations about ageism at home, in class, at work, or with your elected officials.
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Teaching kids about ageism

As we grow up, we're exposed to stereotypes and biased portrayals of others through media, pop culture and more. This article shares tips on how to teach our children to be more inclusive of older adults.
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Ways to add age in your diversity and inclusion guide

As you build out a diverse work force, age has to be a consideration. Here are six areas to consider to ensure age is a part of your company's diversity and inclusion strategy.
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Connecting with our older loved ones

Use StoryCorps Connect to record a conversation with an older loved one and share stories. Each interview gets archived at the Library of Congress.
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A guide to avoiding ageism in communication

Here's a quick guide to help you avoid speaking in ageist ways. Some key tips: use neutral language, and avoid over generalizations and euphemisms.

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Global campaign to combat ageism (toolkit)

This toolkit can help you start conversations, plan events, and spread the word about ageism through social media.
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Diversify hiring practices

Looking for diverse candidates? Use these job boards and sites to find diverse talent, including Baby Boomers, retirees looking for work, and other talented candidates from the older community.
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Connect through conversation

Conversation has the power to reveal what we have in common — to break down bias and connect us with people based on who we really are at heart instead of what others assume based on our appearance. Use these questions to get to know older adults at work, home, or wherever you might be.
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