Bias, discrimination and inequities toward women

Because bias is so ingrained in how we live our lives, it can be hard to know when our behavior causes harm. Learn about how bias and discrimination affects women today.

Public perceptions about women's equality

A century after women gained the right to vote, the majority of Americans still see work to do on gender equality.
Young Black woman smiling and talking to colleague
  1. 77% point to sexual harassment as a major obstacle.

  2. 67% point to women not having the same legal rights as men.

  3. 66% say there are different societal expectations for men and women.

  4. 64% say not enough women are in positions of power

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Two young children holding anti-racist signs

Inequities and violence against women

Mother and daughter embracing at home

Understanding the diversity and intersectionality of women

While all women are subject to bias, discrimination, and inequities, some communities experience larger gaps and discrepancies in their health, wealth, education, and justice.

Questions to self reflect