Act as an ally toward the Jewish community

Hate-based ideologies have no place in this world. Learn how you can act today to challenge anti-Jewish hate (antisemitism) and create a more inclusive society for the Jewish community.
Jewish grandfather helping grandson read from Haggadah

Show support in response to the Hamas attacks

Grandfather pointing up with excited young child next to him

Respond when you witness anti-Jewish hate

Intervention can be a powerful tool in challenging bias and making others feel supported. Learn how to respond to biased statements, support those who have been harrassed, and report an antisemitic incident.
Jewish professor reading and smiling

Support Jewish communities by getting involved with events

Learn about virtual, national, and community events you can get involved with to show your support for the Jewish community.
Attend an event
Jewish father and son smiling and high fiving

Create dialogue

Having conversations at home, in school, at work, and with your community is a great way to foster a more inclusive community. Use these resources to help you celebrate diversity and challenge antisemitism wherever you are.