Learn how to promote inclusion in your everyday life.

It’s easy to feel like we can’t make a difference — but the truth is we have more influence than we might think. Whether we’re in charge of a company, a classroom, a group project, or just our own home, we’re all given the opportunity to shape our environment. Supplied by our nonprofit partners, these resources can help you create more inclusive and accepting spaces.


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Questions to help you self-reflect

Since implicit bias lives in our subconscious, it can be hard to spot — but sometimes all we need is a moment to pause and reflect honestly on our thoughts and behaviors. These questions can help you recognize areas of bias and understand how they might affect our relationships with the people around us.
A trans woman and man stand in an alley, smiling and posing playfully for the camera.

Be a Better Ally

No matter where we are, we all have the ability to show the people around us that we support them. The resources below will help you learn how to be an ally through meaningful actions and communication.
A mother and daughter hold hands while lying on a blanket in the grass having a thoughtful discussion.

Bringing the Message Home

By fostering a culture of inclusivity at home, we can create open dialogues about diversity and bias with family members and set a precedent for inclusive behavior outside the home. The resources below will help you learn how you can encourage discussion and inclusivity within your home.
Two young college students walk together while deep in discussion.

Creating an Inclusive Campus

As a student, there are many ways for you as to encourage inclusivity on your college campus. Use these tools to learn how to start a discussion at school, and how to make fellow students feel welcome and supported through everyday acts of inclusion.
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Engage Your Community

Getting people to think and act inclusively toward others is an important step in creating a strong and welcoming community. Use these resources to help facilitate community discussions and lead group activities that address bias and inclusion.

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