Act as an ally toward Asian and Pacific Islander communities

Whether you've got time, money, or a commitment to education, there are many ways to help make the world a more inclusive place. Find out how to take action and show up for the API community.

Questions for self-reflection

Young blind Asian woman using Braille assistive device
  1. How have you historically seen Asian American beings depicted in films, TV shows, and other forms of media?

    Did such depictions influence perceptions/thoughts on the Asian community? If so, how?

  2. When you think of the Asian community, what ethnic groups do you immediately think of?

  3. What are your thoughts on the origins of COVID as it relates to the Asian community?

    How do you think the rhetoric being circulated by certain political leaders is affecting how you or the people around you view the Asian community?

Indian mom helping son with homework

Commit to ongoing education

One of the best ways you can take action is through committing to education. Take what you learn from these resources to your classrooms and communities.

Diversify your media

The media you consume can help you learn more about experiences outside of your own. Check out this page for reading and social media recommendations
Three elderly Polynesian women smiling and waving

Show up for your Asian and Pacific Islander peers

Understand what it means to be a true ally by supporting institutions of change. Whether you want to take action at work or among your peers, use these resources as a guide.